Home Pet Care at Your Convenience

The right care is crucial. Every animal needs individual care and attention. Vetround2u offers a personal and unique service tuned to your pets character and needs.


Mobile Vets, Vetround2u, is a convenient medical service especially useful for:


  1. Nervous animals that don't travel well or get too stressed at the vets
  2. Animals that are too ill to withstand the journey to the vets e.g heart or respiratory disease, collapsed animals that are difficult to carry.
  3. Dogs that don't get along with other dogs
  4. Cats/rabbits/birds that are hard to catch and transport
  5. Busy parents that find it hard taking all their young children to the vets along with their pet 
  6. Owners with more than one animal and find it difficult taking them all to the vets
  7. Elderly or infirm pet owners
  8. Owners that have no transport to get to a veterinary surgery


Instead, all animals can be treated at a relaxed pace in the comfort of their own bed.

No matter what pet you have, our dedication and skill will provide the best treatment for them. 

This will all be done in the comfort of your own home causing as little stress as possible to you and your pet.

Contact Us Today! You don't need to be registered with us to give us a telephone call. If you are registered with another local vet, you may like to use our service as a compliment to what they provide.



Tel.: 01925 224839



Our base is at Newton Vets, 101A High Street, Newton-le-Willows, St.Helens, WA12 9SL and our mobile vet service is provided throughout the local area.


Business hours

12pm - 4pm Monday - Friday by prearranged appointment

Appointments made by telephone calls only

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